Can i get a discount if i have multiple vehicles insured with liberty mutual car insurance blue springs?

To qualify for the Liberty Mutual multi-car discount, the customer must insure more than one vehicle with the same Liberty Mutual auto insurance policy. The discount is automatically applied to qualifying Liberty Mutual policies, but it's not cumulative, meaning you won't get a bigger discount for insuring more vehicles. If you insure multiple cars, you can receive a discount of up to 10 percent on all cars in your household. You can generally insure 4 to 5 vehicles in your insurance policy if they all stay in the same direction.

Other ways to save money on your car insurance premium aren't necessarily discounts, but changes to your policy that create savings. Yes, you can have two different car insurance policies for vehicles, but you'll likely end up paying more money for insurance. For example, if you insure your vehicle and home with Liberty Mutual, you can get up to 10 percent off your insurance premium. Some insurers offer discounts only if the insured vehicles belong to the same household and are insured by related parties.

Most insurance companies require that you have the same amount of liability insurance and coverage for uninsured drivers for each vehicle, but when it comes to collision, comprehensive and other options, the options vary. Liberty Mutual offers more than 14,000 employers, credit unions, alumni associations and groups the chance to get substantial discounts just because they are part of that group. If your organization or group doesn't currently receive any discounts from Liberty Mutual, contact a local insurance agent to find out how you can get a discount. Yes, the type of car you drive, especially cars with certain safety features, may offer you certain discounts.

It can mean cheaper car insurance because of the multi-car discounts offered by insurance companies when you insure more than one vehicle with the same policy. Car insurance rates can vary from company to company, so even if the multi-car discount is a smaller amount, the overall rate might be better. This information may be different from what you see when you visit the website of an insurance provider, insurance agency, or insurance company. Therefore, if one car has full coverage (against collision and all risks) and the other has only civil liability, the car that only covers civil liability will not be covered in the event of damage.

There's no difference in coverage options or what the policy offers, but insurance companies do offer discounts for insuring more than one car. To stay competitive in a constantly growing market, Liberty Mutual offers many other discounts to try to keep insurance premiums as low as possible.

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