How can i contact customer service at geico car insurance in st. joseph if i have questions or need assistance with my policy?

Call and speak to a claims agent at (86 509-9444). I am trying to CANCEL my car policy with the GEICO APP (I am traveling abroad and no longer have a car inside the U.S. USA), but they don't allow it and, instead, they keep charging me. Geico has failed me several times and allows my car to remain in the warehouse without paying its share.

When I called Geico Reclations to give them this information, Geico told me that State Farm would not talk to them about the division of responsibility and that they could not move forward on their part unless they reached an agreement with State Farm. I will never use Abra again for anything and will also be looking for a new car insurance company. Milisa Suarez, my claims adjuster, told me that once the car was repaired, I should present the receipt for the rental car to the other party's insurance company to reimburse me for the reimbursement. In November I had a car accident caused by a Geico customer, the repair service for my car was excellent, but one of her representatives contacted me and told me that she was in Marshall, Texas, that she was coming through Longview and that she had a check for me, she asked me to meet her on the corner of 80 and Eastman Road on the Exxon, since it was raining, she was inside when I got there.

To the above, that says that Geico is good: they forced me to have 2 different policies because a car was with a child in college and in another state. When the Geico insurer reviewed my application, they specifically asked me who was driving the car during that accident, if he lives with me, and if he has his own insurance. I stated that I called and spoke to several Geico representatives and none of them stated that my policy was canceled in January; nor did anyone state that I had to make a payment to have the label on my car restored. The last person I contacted at the GEICO corporate office stated: Police reports are not gospel.

The first person I contacted was the number on the insurance card of an 85-year-old lady who didn't drive in a lane and crashed into us. Leo Goodwin founded Geico in 1936 with insurance policies for military and government workers. Instead, I lost money on the car and missed 3 opportunities to buy a similar car because Geico promised to send the money, but never did.

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