What is the minimum car insurance required in hawaii?

Hawaii state law requires that your vehicle be insured throughout the motor vehicle registration period and that you have a valid Hawaii motor vehicle insurance identification card in your motor vehicle at all times. However, keep in mind that with these alternatives you will lack the no-fault insurance (PIP) offered by an auto insurance policy. The Hawaii Insurance Code requires your insurer to offer you several ways to lower your PIP premium, including adding a deductible. Get a cheap and free car insurance quote online with Insurance Navy today and discover how affordable quality auto insurance can be.

Failure to provide proof of auto insurance in the state of Hawaii can result in quite severe penalties. Your bank or leasing company may ask you to take out additional insurance coverage if you are financing or leasing your car. Your insurance company or insurance agent should help you decide what coverage is best for your individual situation and needs. For example, Geico allows you to further reduce premiums if you agree to treat your injuries through its managed care option (MCO), which are designated medical service providers with partnerships with Geico in Hawaii.

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