What should i do if i have questions about my car insurance policy?

Here are 25 of the most common questions about buying car insurance, car insurance coverage, and car insurance laws. There are other types of car insurance available that can help you in a variety of situations, such as MedPay and roadside assistance, so be sure to talk to your insurance agent or representative to make sure you have all the coverage you need. Motorcycle insurance requirements vary from state to state, but anyone who rides a motorcycle must have motorcycle insurance to protect themselves financially in the event of an accident. First of all, your friend should check with their insurance company or agent before lending the car to find out if your particular policy will cover them while driving your car.

It's important to know what your basic auto insurance coverage includes, the limits of the policy, and what you might need to add, if anything. If you have a lot of personal property to protect, you can also discuss excessive liability insurance with your insurance representative. It's tempting to buy a new car that looks great and is fun to drive, but you should also consider safety and insurance costs. However, there are some situations where it's justified, such as if you take out car insurance for an underage driver or if you own vehicles and need to insure them even though you have a personal driver and will never get behind the wheel of a car.

If an insured driver who is not listed in your policy drives your vehicle, yours will be the primary insurance and theirs will offer secondary coverage. Coverage for uninsured or underinsured drivers is additional coverage for you and your passengers if you are involved in an accident with someone who doesn't have insurance or who doesn't have enough insurance. While your standard car insurance policy will cover your car, you may need different types of insurance if you have different types of vehicles. Leslie Kasperowicz is an insurance expert with four years of direct experience in agencies and more than a decade creating educational content to help insurance buyers make informed and confident decisions.

Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage are two different types of insurance coverage in an auto policy that will protect your car in the event of a covered loss. There are other things that car insurance doesn't cover, such as the theft of personal items from the car and any damage that exceeds the limits of coverage. Lying about your driving record when buying an insurance policy can cause an insurance company to charge you higher rates or deny you coverage altogether once they realize that you've misrepresented yourself. On the other hand, having a clean driving record will give you a good discount as a driver with most car insurance companies.

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