What state has the worst insurance rates?

Michigan, Rhode Island, Nevada, Florida and New Jersey have the highest auto insurance rates. The state in which you live is an important factor in determining how much you'll pay for car insurance. Car insurance can still be important for drivers in New Hampshire and Virginia, since they have the financial means to pay for damages after a car accident. Among the cheapest states for car insurance, it seems that rates are rising much more slowly in Ohio than elsewhere.

A possible law under consideration could affect Delaware insurance premiums in the future: the state senate recently passed a bill that prohibits insurance companies from taking into account the driver's sex, gender, or gender identity when setting car insurance prices. Auto insurance accident lawsuits tend to lead to higher claim settlements, causing auto insurance companies to charge higher auto insurance costs to all drivers in an overly litigious state. If you want to calculate exactly how much you'll have to pay for your car insurance, compare prices and even use this Geico tool to get a quote after submitting general information. Understanding the many factors that influence car insurance rates can help you get the best deals.

It's worth noting that drivers in no-fault states, such as Florida and Michigan, pay more for car insurance than drivers in other states. You can get cheaper car insurance prices if you're married because car insurance companies find that married couples pose less risk. It will always be cheaper to insure a van than a luxury vehicle full of luxury accessories and with a giant engine under the hood. According to Louisiana insurance commissioner Jim Donelon, nearly 40% of drivers have the absolute minimum levels of coverage.

You can't always control all the factors that affect your car insurance rates, but there are things you can do to save money. Living in a state that is more prone to natural disasters, increased crime, or accidents in general will generate very high insurance premiums for full coverage. When determining car insurance costs, auto insurance companies review the last three to five years of your driving record, depending on your state. Each state has its own car insurance laws that dictate the minimum car insurance coverage and the limits a driver can purchase.

Hail, floods, and even wind can cause serious damage to a vehicle, and your insurance company will charge you more for it because it has to repair or replace it.

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